The Oregon Council of Police Associations - PAC (#136), is a Candidate PAC


Send email to: pac.ocpa@gmail.com


The Oregonians for Public Safety - PAC (#2499) is a Ballot Measure PAC

Send email to: pac.orps@gmail.com


Contributions by members to each PAC is voluntary & not related to membership dues. No OCPA membership dues are contributed to any candidates or candidates campaigns!


Remember too that the OCPA is proudly bi-partisan. Records of PAC activities are a matter of public record via the Oregon Secretary of State, Elections Division.  The OCPA also encourages serving members of the law enforcement community to seek elected office at a State level.


Tax Credit vs. Tax deduction

direct, dollar-for-dollar reduction in tax liability, as distinguished from a tax deduction, which reduces taxes only by the percentage of a taxpayer's Tax Bracket. (A taxpayer in the 33% tax bracket would get a 33-cent benefit from each $1 deduction, for example.) In the case of a tax credit, a taxpayer owing $10,000 in tax would owe $9,000 if he took advantage of a $1,000 tax credit.


A dollar for dollar reduction in the amount of tax that a taxpayer owes. Unlike deductions or exemptions, which reduce the amount of income subject to tax, a credit reduces the actual amount of tax owed.


Deductions and exemptions only reduce the amount of your income that is taxable. Tax credits reduce the actual amount of tax owed.